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Maon Kurosaki - X-Encounter (TV Size) Lyrics | Tokyo Ravens Opening Theme 1

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Maon Kurosaki - X-Encounter (TV Size) Lyrics | Tokyo Ravens Opening Theme 1
Maon Kurosaki - X-Encounter (TV Size) Lyrics | Tokyo Ravens Opening Theme 1

Maon Kurosaki - X-Encounter
TV Anime "Tokyo Ravens" Opening Theme #1

Composed by Kazuya Takase
Arranged by Kazuya Takase
Performed by Maon Kurosaki

Tobenai koko kara ja

Yokogao nagameteru dake ja
Muryokusa wo nageite mo
Kono sei wo dare mo osanai
Going out!

Tobikata wo wasurete ita
toritachi no
nageki no voice

Itetsuku mukishitsu na
Sekai ni nani wo nozomu no?
Sou dakedo ne kakujitsu na
Kibou ga mou boku no naka ni
Going up!

"Nani ga dekiru ka" nante mou
yatte minakya WAKARANAI

Hashiridashita hajimari e
Kitto umareru mae kara kimatte ita
Hane wo yurashi tsuyoku chi wo kette
KIMI no moto e
Habataku "RAVENS!"
Fight! Keep holding on!
Nanzen no RUUPU no naka deau
Kono basho de
Mou tomerarenai KARUMA no mashita de
Boku ni dekiru koto ga
donna ni wazuka demo

Sono karada ni seou mono
Sono itami wakeaeru hi made
KIMI no soba ni iru yo

Tobitatsu ima koso Rave on!

I can't fly... from here

I'm just looking at your profile
Even if I lament my powerlessness
no one pushes my back
Going out

forgot how to fly
The lamenting voice of the dark ravens

frozen, inorganic
what do you want from the world
yes but sure
Hope she's already in me
Going up

"What can I do?"
I have to do it.

To the prologue that started running
I'm sure it was decided before I was born
Shake your wings and kick the ground hard
to you Ravens

Fight, keep holding on
Thousands of encounters in her loop
in this world
Beneath the unstoppable destiny
No matter how little she can do for me

what you carry on your body
Until the day we can share that pain
i'm by your side
Take off now Rave on

飛べない... ここからじゃ

横顔 眺めてるだけじゃ
無力さを 嘆いても
この背を 誰も押さない
Going out

闇鴉たちの 嘆きのVoice

凍てつく 無機質な
世界に 何を望むの?
そう だけどね 確実な
希望が もう僕の中に
Going up

やってみなきゃ ワカラナイ

走り出した 序章へ
きっと生まれる前から 決まっていた
羽根を揺らし 強く地を蹴って

Fight, keep holding on
何千の ループの中 出逢う
もう止められない 宿命の真下で
僕に出来ることが どんなに僅かでも

その痛み 分け合える日まで
君の 傍にいるよ
飛び立つ 今こそ Rave on

❖ TV Anime “Tokyo Ravens” Opening Theme #1

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