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Konomi Suzuki - Absolute Soul (TV Size) Lyrics | Absolute Duo Opening Theme

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Konomi Suzuki - Absolute Soul (TV Size) Lyrics | Absolute Duo Opening Theme
Konomi Suzuki - Absolute Soul (TV Size) Lyrics | Absolute Duo Opening Theme

Konomi Suzuki - Absolute Soul
TV Anime "Absolute Duo" Opening Theme

Composed by Mitsuru Wakabayashi
Arranged by Dai Murai
Performed by Konomi Suzuki

Fusagareta kako ni bokutachi wa ikite kita
Toozakaru mirai ugokanai toki no naka
Tatakai no ima ni itsu no hi ka motometeta
Sadame sae koeta shinjiau chikara

Tsuyoku naru dokomademo ittsui no kimi to boku to de
Kono hikari utsushidasu kizu yori mo fukai kizuna wo tamashii ga ima kimi ni hashiridasu

Hora boku ni azukete {Subete} itami sae mo
Futari {Futari} dakara {Dakara} tsuyosa ni kaete yukeru

Kimi no tate kimi dake no tate ni boku wa narou
Senaka awase kiseki wo {Deai wo} shinjiteru
Dare mo fumikomenai {Tomerarenai}
Genkaiten haruka miorosu no sa Absolute Soul

We have lived in the closed past
The future is going away, it's stuck in time
While I was battling with reality, I started to long somehow
The power of believing each other that can overcome even fate

You are me, we become stronger as a pair
Our strong bond, stronger than wounds, reflect this light
I want to protect, my soul runs to you

Here, leave everything to me, even your pain
Because it's the two of us, we can turn it into strength

I'll be your shield, just for you
I believe in our miracle encounter
No one can stop in and can't stop us
We look down the limit line from above, Absolute Soul

塞がれた過去に ぼくたちは 生きてきた
遠ざかる未来 動かない 刻-とき-の中
闘いの現実-いま-に いつの日か 求めてた
運命-さだめ-さえ越えた 信じあう 力

強くなる どこまでも 一対-いっつい-の 君とぼくとで
この光 うつしだす 傷よりも深い絆を
護りたい…と魂-たましい-が いま君に 走り出す

ほら ぼくに預けて{すべて} 痛みさえも
ふたり{ふたり} だから{だから}強さに変えてゆける

君の楯 君だけの楯に ぼくはなろう
背中合わせ 奇跡を{出会いを}信じてる
誰も 踏み込めない {止められない}
限界点 遥か 見下ろすのさ Absolute Soul

❖ TV Anime “Absolute Duo” Opening Theme

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