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Miyu Tomita - OveR (TV Size) Lyrics

Miyu Tomita OveR TV Size Lyrics, Miyu Tomita OveR Lyrics, Date A Live IV Opening Theme Lyrics
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Miyu Tomita - OveR (TV Size) Lyrics
Miyu Tomita - OveR (TV Size) Lyrics | Date A Live IV Opening Theme

Miyu Tomita - OveR (TV Size) Lyrics | Date A Live IV Opening Theme

Information Music :

Miyu Tomita - OveR

TV Anime "Date A Live IV" Opening Theme

Composed by Go Sakabe
Arranged by Go Sakabe
Performed by Miyu Tomita

TV Version Miyu Tomita - OveR (TV Size) Lyrics | Date A Live IV Opening Theme

Mezamete mo mezamete mo todokanai
Ketsumatsu ni minarete shimai souna hodo
Matahitotsu matahitotsu kieteiku
Fue sugita gisei mukishitsuna kage

Doko ka ni okizari ni shita
Tadashisa mo tamerai mo

Marude nani mo nakatta you ni
Kakujitsu ni shitomeru no
Tozashi kaketa kuchibiru furete tsunaide
Yuiitsu no nozomi igai nani mo oshiku wa nai no
Yasashi sugiru anata no tamenara
Nandodemo sasagemashou akiramete kurerunara
Even after awakening and awaking
It's unreachable
To the point it seems I'm getting used to seeing the end
Yes another, yet another disappears
Too many sacrifices, an inorganic shadow

Let behind somewhere
The righteousness and the hesitation

Like as if nothing has happened
I'll definitely bring it down
Nearly closed lips, touching and connecting
Other than the only hope
I do not hold anything else dear
If it's for you who are too gentle
Dedication it over and over again
If you would give up...
目覚めても 目覚めても 届かない
また一つ また一つ 消えていく
増えすぎた犠牲 無機質な影

正しさも 躊躇いも

まるで何もなかったように 確実に仕留めるの
閉ざしかけた唇 触れて 繋いで
唯一の望み以外 何も惜しくはないの
何度でも捧げましょう 諦めてくれるなら

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